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Our Story

Every story has a beginning and in this story the beginning goes back twenty years ago when the founder of The Spa Consultants, Marisa Dimitriadis began her career as a Sales Executive for a cosmetic company that had just launched in South Africa. From this grew an outstanding story with more chapters being added through hard work, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Within a couple of years Marisa developed a passion for the Health and Wellness Industry and started her international travels in pursuit of new trends, new treatments and to get a global idea of the industry. The next chapter of this story solidified an expertise so few individuals own! Marisa then moved into managing the skincare division of the then biggest professional hair care distribution company in South Africa. Within 2 years the skincare division tripled its turnover and Marisa was instrumental in finding new brands to add to the company’s portfolio. Two years later the division doubled its turnover again with another two brands being added to the portfolio. The company became the largest professional cosmetics distribution company in South Africa.

In 2005 Marisa founded The Spa Consultants, an Award Winning and leading spa development consultancy business which delivers: ORIGINALITY, PROFITABILITY AND INSPIRATION! From concept to completion as well as implementing operationally unique and brilliant business models for the spa industry is what Marisa specialises in. No two projects are the same!!! The Spa Consultants team are committed to the philosophy of spa, with a unique range of experience that will deliver a brilliant project. We are known for our creativity and operationally efficient developments that are truly original and turn our clients’ dreams into a reality.

Spalicious cosmetics was founded in 2007 with BOTH the consumer and beauty professional in mind. A luxurious leader in manicure, pedicure and body products. Spalicious produces high quality, trend setting products with delicious ingredients. The range includes body butters, body scrubs, body masks, soaks, cuticle oils, cellulite collection consisting of a unique three step treatment method inclusive of scrub, draining oil and contouring cream plus gorgeous limited edition collections launched twice a year.

“Look after your hands and feet as they tell your story” says Marisa Dimitriadis Founder of Spalicious who is dedicated to offering our customer’s luxury and a memory that is never lost.

SIX Sensational Skincare cosmetics was then launched in 2010 and within a month had captivated the professional skincare market place. SIX delivers international high performance formulas that will change your skin from the first time you use it. There are 5 unique treatments designed around improving skin health and ensuring a memorable experience that is never to be forgotten. The range is a complete skin care system made up of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masks, serums, exfoliators, eye products and a collection of unique peel off masks for professional use only. SIX Sensational Skincare has a specific peeling system more focussed to the Aesthetic side of the Industry with two carefully selected skin Peels and our very own latest technology SIX Aesthetix Collagen Pen, an automated micro needling system with the most advanced technology!

Marisa travels extensively lecturing to people worldwide from beauty therapist to major hotel operators about how to develop and implement excellent business models for their spa and is also a contributing writer for various trade and consumer magazines.

Marisa has been awarded the SOUTH AFRICAN SPA AMBASSADOR award which is awarded to an individual who has positioned themselves in the forefront of the spa industry bringing new trends and concepts into the market place and representing South Africa in the International Spa Market.
Marisa has also been nominated for many business woman awards and is featured in many of South Africa’s glossy publications.