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Spa Operations

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Spa Operations

A gorgeous interior and pretty space is easy to create!  Excellent operations systems that deliver serious profit is not easy and we do this THE BEST.  Spend less on interiors and more on operations!!!

The Spa Consultants will assist your business with the following whether your spa is open or has been running for a number of years:

  • Pre-opening planning (for set up only)
  • Spa Operations Planning and full set up (day to day running of the business)
  • Spa Operations Procurement
  • Spa Software & Management Programme
  • Spa Treatment Menu
  • Spa Linen and Branding
  • Spa Trends and treatment advice and direction
  • Spa Budgets and projected profit & loss statement
  • Spa Marketing
  • Spa Equipment and profitability forecasts
  • Spa Products and margin analysis
  • Spa Recruitment guidance and Staff Contract guidance